Monday, February 5, 2007

What's Left to Say?

I remember way back in the good ol' days when there only existed one week in between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. Now that there are fourteen full days of break, all fans are inundated with angles and storylines and promo packages and kitchen sinks. By the day after, a general sigh of relief arises from those of us who need no more information on the Chicago Bears or Indianapolis Colts or their extended families. I sat down at my computer and ran through my normal listing of websites breezing through such cleverly titled articles as "Pey-Day" (Northwest Indiana Times), "Raining Champs" (, "Colts Do Reign Dance" (, and "Vomit" (T G 10). I'm left with an emptiness of not knowing what else there is to say about the game.

I suppose a quick rundown of thoughts would be appropriate just so I meet my Super Bowl quota.

-The pregame festivities were interesting. I didn't see most of them until Becky asked, "Are those naked people on those banners?" I'm fairly certain that they were.

-After the weird images were off the screen, I turned away for a few moments only to hear Billy Joel take the mic. In approximately 1.6 seconds another partygoer claimed that he was intoxicated. I'm fairly certain that he was.

-The opening kickoff return for a touchdown was pretty neat. One of the individuals I viewed the game with swore that was the second time that's ever happened as Denver did it "awhile back." Jim Nantz a few moments later said that it was the first time that's ever happened, leading to an awkard silence.

-For all the money spent on Super Bowl ads, I know that I saw the same old Kentucky Fried Chicken ad run twice in the same set of commercials. How does that happen?

-How much money did CBS make on Super Bowl commercials and a covering for their primary camera was unattainable?

-I wonder how Edgerrin James feels right about now? And I'm referencing the fact that his old team won both the Super Bowl and the VUFSA Championship Game.

-I also wonder how many years of schooling broadcasters went through to come up with their "How does it feel to win the Super Bowl (insert Indianapolis Colt)?" question. Wouldn't it have been more fun, entertaining, and inappropriate if Sal Palentonio went up to Peyton and asked, "So you're pretty much twice as good as Rex Grossman, huh?" Or better yet Sal trucked over to the Chicago side and asked Rex, "Damn, that ball was slippery, huh?"

-The partygoers also have already started a pool on where Rex Grossman will end up next season with the Minnesota Vikings being the front runner. Someone spotting my Cleveland Browns sweatshirt proclaimed Cleveland was the runner up.

-Despite the negative temperatures outside right now, it's definitely time for baseball to get rocking.


Eli said...

I would pay great amounts to watch Rachel Nichols ask Rex, point-blank, "Rex, what do you think makes you so terrible? The poor decisions? The inability to read defenses? The fear of getting hit? Inaccuracy? What do you think?"

JR said...

Rex Rex Rex. Yawn. The fact of the matter is, the much-ballyhooed Chicago defense gave up more yards than it has ALL SEASON, in conditions that should have inhibited offensive production. If the Bears hold the Colts to no points, Chicago still wins.

Just kidding. Rex sucks.

CHCgirl said...

The best line: It's time for baseball to get rocking.

The game was painful to watch, even in a completely pro-bear crowd. I wish someone would ask Rex those questions and then watch him trip/slip/tackle himself backing away and not answering.

Kyle Orton said...

People are talking too loud this morning and the lights are too bright.