Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14th means only one thing: this guy's birthday. Happy birthday, fella.

But more than that, today marks my favorite Walgreens holiday in the calendar year: Valentine's Day. I like Valentine's Day because it marks the season in which we receive the least amount of speciality merchandise while selling the greatest percentage of it. Inventory control and organization is a tremendous part of my job so anything the involves receiving less and selling more makes me a happy camper.

I have been known to purchase clearance merchandise from our store just so I don't have to move it around any more. And next year, some school child will enjoy 25 backpacks in some back-to-school drive much the same way two years ago Toys for Tots greatly appreciated the donation of 10 overstuffed bears come Christmas time. While my humanitarian efforts should no doubt be lauded, my desire to remove these items from my store and my stockroom had a significant impact on my decision making, too.

The 14th of February also marks what is in all likelihood (no statistical analysis backing this up) our highest percentage of male shoppers all year. No doubt frantic and irritated at this whole day's disproportionate importance, men love the quick in, quick out escape Walgreens can provide them. They want to buy their card, their box of chocolates, and their paper heart signifying a one dollar donation to the American Heart Association (the latter at my "suggestion") as quickly as possible and without much help or chatter. These people do not mess around with coupons or returns. They, quite frankly, don't want to be there at all and are ecstatic when they won't set foot in another Walgreens for 364 days. While I've come to appreciate the needs of the female demographic to which Walgreens cater, it's nice for one day to truly identify with the clientele.

But most of all, Valentine's Day means I get to wear my horribly gaudy tie on my appropriately colored shirt (see photo above). I purchased the tie on a 75% off clearance my first year at Walgreens and dig it out for every Valentine's Day. Becky recently talked me into wearing it once a year at Christmas, thereby doubling it's usefulness. She thought it looked peppermint-esque, and I agreed to look like a schmuck for one additional day of the year. As I'm home alone and cannot possibly manage the timer on our digital camera, you only get to see the stylish outfit on a hangar and not on yours truly. I assure you, it brings out my eyes.


JR said...

Between the shirt and tie (thus referencing a splendid freshman year birthday party that featured a fiesty RA, some trickery and a whole lot of ties), PLUS the link, I was certain to be pleasantly surprised when I clicked.

Damn you, Drew Bledsoe.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Oops... that previous comment didn't turn out so good.

I can definately confirm Drew's affinity to purchasing things so that he doesn't have to store them... those 25 school bags that will go to a worthy cause in 6 months will still remain on my exercise floor for that 6 months, creating a precarious path for me to my treadmill... maybe I should "twist my ankle" on one before my next exercise session; I will be forced to recuperate on the couch.

Also, I am not sure how I feel about Drew identifying with the male clientele who think this holiday is over rated and just want to rush in and out with a card and inexpensive purchase... I guess I get to look forward to Walgreen's flowers and gift.

Happy Valentine's Day.

dani said...

I made the mistake of going to a walgreens today. Several frantic gentlemen asked me what they should buy their significant others. I should have told them large obnoxious things that the general managers hate to move around. Nothing says I love you like an oversized pillow of a crayon with hearts on it.

lonewolf said...

And thanks to weak sales, said oversized crayon pillows with hearts will now crowd the excerise space.