Friday, February 2, 2007

The Super Bowl

It's already happened, and it's already had a happy ending. There is nothing more fulfilling than waking up the day after and knowing that your team is superior in every way - athletically, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. I just wish I could see the game or even hear highlights (cough WVUR) because it was so gratifying to see the box score and know that a long airplane ride awaits the losers.


Eli said...


Edwin said...

It was the 11 minutes and 3 rebounds of Moussa Mbaye that turned the tide.

dani said...

My dear brother now has a blog. The world must be ending.

I thought you should know I listened to the dramatic retelling of Mom's birthday and my High School honors convocation this morning. Your excitement in my award leaves me no choice but to weave something for your birthday. I bet your excited.

JR said...

There are three people who do now show up in the box score that I must believe had some hand in this glorious day.




lonewolf said...

Three was my favorite.