Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grab the Damn Ball

Valpo lost yesterday afternoon to the Oakland Golden Grizzlies. When I graduated, we were 12-0 all-time against Oakland, but that mystique is long gone. Oakland wrapped up the season sweep of my beloved Crusaders by virtue of a 64-61 win in Rochester, MI.

What peeves me is that Valpo was outrebounded 32-25. In the glory days, Homer could call on some 7 foot foreign guy to go out there and dominate the boards. Oh wait, we have one of those guys.

Meet Callum MaCleod. The man is 7'1" and hails from New Zealand. He played 7 minutes last night and had 2 rebounds. Count them 2. I should also mention that he's 3 inches taller than anyone on Oakland's roster.

Then there's dear old Moussa Mbaye. He played 15 minutes and had 1 rebound. One time the ball bounced his way. He's 6'9" for crying out loud. Put your hands in the air and a ball is bound to come your way once without you having to move.

For the record, the game's leading rebounder was Derick Nelson who stands at a clearly overpowering 6'5". I understand that height is not everything in grabbing boards, but c'mon if I had an 8 inch advantage over the other team's best rebounder, I'm confident that I could at least play even.

Eli, I may almost (not quite) be looking forward to this Bulls game you've assigned me.


Eli said...

Very nice. Be forewarned, Steve Nash probably isn't going to play. That takes away a bit from everything, but it should still be a fun game to watch.

Eli said...

Not a bad game. Losing Nash made it a little less exciting (and more winnable for the Bulls).

If you're pressed for time, just watch the second half. The first half is a bit sloppy -- mostly the first quarter, actually.

Deng and Hinrich were flat-out awesome.

Eli said...

Also, watch when Pat Burke comes into the game for the Suns. You can actually hear Scott Skiles yell "BURKE!" to the Bulls.

They then promptly abused him for about five pick-and-rolls before he was yanked out of the game.

I love Scott Skiles.

And I'm done now.