Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things Missed

So while my trip to the Cayman Islands was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experience, it does have its drawbacks. While the cable feed to Erie, Pennsylvania assured me some connection to the outside world, I can't say that I made it a point to sit down and watch the evening newscast. I did wonder, albeit for about 12 seconds, what was taking place in the rest of the world. What if something catastrophic like a terrorist attack occurred? It could be days before I knew about it.

Or what if Keith Foulke retired?

What's that? It did happen? Fantastic! Long live the Cleveland Indians 2007 season!

Regardless, how could I possibly exist without knowing about these huge events as they happened. Exist I did. With a beverage in one hand and my wife's in the other (see picture above), I did manage alright, but still some stuff happened while I was away.

-As mentioned, Minneapolis endured a massive blizzard upon my returned. However, the Twin Cities experienced a period of wonderful, warm weather prior to my "winter welcome home." In fact, sources have stated that Minneapolis had their first 45+ degree day in Minneapolis since time began. Of course it occurred while I was away and transformed into a snowy disaster by the time I returned.

-My beloved Valparaiso Crusaders marched triumphantly towards the their final Mid-Con tournament cruising over Southeren Utah and UMKC. They beat down the Thunderbirds and Kangaroos by a combined 103-59 in the second half.

-Tim Hardaway hates LSU. God bless and those classy Kentucky Wildcat fans.

-In real news, the Anna Nicole Smith saga continues. Ok, so that may not be classified as real news. Actually, there wasn't anything new that happened there either. Nevermind.

-American Idol rocks. As mentioned previously, I did have some cable TV access while away and I did see the initial real rounds of the program. I agree with most everything that JR said, but I would like to add his write-up of Sanjaya Malakar ("I wanted to vomit when he sang. I wanted to slit his throat and kill his offspring") that he is a big crying sissy. Shame on the judges for allowing him this far and producers for featuring him at all. A curse on all of you! On the plus side, the show has made up for wronging Chris Daughtry last season. They have guaranteed him a number one hit by making his song, "Home" the "get your ass off the stage, loser" track that will end the program for the rest of the season.

-My absence was described in my closest circle as “Drew is thronging it on a desert island somewhere.” Fairly accurate, actually.

-2/3 of the former tri-blog powerhouse waited until I was out of the country to incorrectly assault the lonewolf that professional basketball is superior to that of collegiate basketball. A dirty sneak attack, but nobly defended Mr. Radcliffe.

-Walgreens stock sits at $45.32 a share. For those novice traders, that's pretty much the exact same thing it was at before I left. For better or for worse, my absence from the company has not crippled it.

-The Office. Ok, so I didn't actually miss it. WICU of Erie, Pennsylvania brought it to me in all its comical glory, but the fact of the matter is that I have not mentioned this show in any of my previous posts. I figured it was time to break the fast and insert an inappropriate reference to it here. But I do look good in a grey Dunder Mifflin baseball cap, don't I? (See picture from previous post).

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