Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big Z wants Big $$$

Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano demands more money!

"If they don't sign me, sorry, but I must go. That's what Carlos Zambrano thinks."

I love it when athletes speak in the third person. It helps further that whole jock image, which I enjoy. I also love it when jocks continue to talk.

"[Cubs general manager] Jim [Hendry] spent a lot of money. I hope he has more for 'Big Z,'" he said."

First name basis with the GM? Fantastic. Using a nickname you probably made up in a newspaper quote, even better.

Big Drew promises he will diversify and his next post won't be sports related.

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CHCgirl said...

Tell me how great Carlos Zambrano is... Not only is he an extremely talented slugger and pitcher, but also hilarious, realistic, and cocky. But he has the talent to back up his entertaining big mouth. How much did Hendry (excuse me Jim) give Marquis? Zambrano is worth about 300 times that.