Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I've come this far into the story, and I can't let it go now. I won't be as wordy as I'm sure everyone is tired of it, but it brings me such pleasure to dig this stuff up.

As a whole, senate seemed very pleased with their work and the changes which will hopefully make the budgeting process run smoother. But considering that review of the finance codes are a standard and yearly procedure, excessive fanfare did not appear necessary.

The Torch's Assistant Editor penned this beauty, which was again masterfully thrown into the paper's news section. For some reason, when I read "senate seemed very pleased" I get an image of 25 Montgomery Burns sitting in Neils Science Center tapping their finger tips together, calmly saying, "Excellent."

Furthermore, when I read that "excessive fanfare" took place, I'm led to believe that balloons dropped from the ceiling and confetti littered the floor. All the while Montogomery Burns slyly looks around waiting to see what will please him next.

In full disclosure, the staff editorial - properly located in the opinions section - praised this year's Senate. It however is well written and therefore provides less entertainment value.


CHCgirl said...

I think it's customary for the parlimentarian to be in charge of the excessive fanfare (as what other function do they have?) I'm sure Sean Jesse went all out as only he could.

Anonymous said...

Sean Jesse. Excessive fanfare. Confetti. Mr. Burns. Naked congress.

Did I make up that last part?