Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond!

You had to have heard about this bizarre love triangle involving astronauts. In sum, a 43 year old married mother of three who happens to be an astronaut drives from Houston to Orlando to confront another astronaut who is romantically linked with yet another astronaut. Upon arriving in Orlando, police found a steel mallet, pepper spray, a knife, and a menacing BB gun. After breaking up this skirmish, the woman is now being charged with attempted murder.

One would think that the 1,000 mile drive would offer plenty of time to cool off and come to your senses. Perhaps it would be for any normal human being, but this is a space traveler we are talking about. One who someday might wish to achieve light speed travel!
Nowak wore a diaper during the 14-hour drive so that she wouldn't have to stop for bathroom breaks, the report said. Astronauts wear what NASA calls maximum-absorbency garments to collect their waste during space travel.
In the meantime, avoiding rest stops by wearing diapers will shave off a few minutes will have to suffice.


CHCgirl said...

Hilarious. I do love a good "love triangle" post.
However diapers is an even more exciting addition than say radio station budgets.

lonewolf said...

Perhaps most awful is that every time I hear "adult diapers" my default reaction is not the customary chuckle but rather "aisle 5 on the left."

JR said...

Do you think people noticed she was wearing space diapers when she got out to get gas? Moreover, can't you just hold it until you get gas? Silly women. Men don't need no extra rest stops.

Love affair at zero gravity!!