Friday, April 6, 2007

A silky smooth laundry thief

A fantastic light-hearted story that I enjoy bringing to light as part of the "imbalance of intelligence" moniker.

Pullman, Washington police have had their hands full after breaking a theft ring led, operated, and executed by a single man. Garth M. Flaherty has been a busy individual. He's been busy swiping underwear. Yes, underwear.

According to the officials, Flaherty stole as many as 1,500 panties and bras from apartment laundry rooms since last summer.

That's an insane amount of women's underwear. But they break it down even more.

[Officials] say the evidence fills five garbage bags weighing 93 pounds.

93 pounds! This man was serious about his ladies' undergarments.

Chris Tennant [of the police] said many times people think of the traditional college panty raid. "That's really not what we're talking about here."

Perhaps my college experience at Valpo was not complete as I never participated in said "traditional college panty raid." I would imagine that 5 trash bags filled over several months would move it beyond the college prank level. That and the thief was not in college. But the important thing is that the stolen goods can be returned to their owners, right?

As for the bras and panties retrieved in Pullman, they will be held as evidence until after the case is complete. After that, it's unclear what Police will do with them, Tennant said. "Would you really want them back?" he asked.

No, I suppose not.

He faces 12 felony second-degree burglary charges and one first-degree burglary charge.

Not to mention a stolen crocodile.

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CHCgirl said...

Perhaps the women of Pullman should have invested in those highly effective Walgreen theft deterrent stickers. That way he would be unable to give the stolen underear as gifts or sell it.
Just think, if he had 5 garbage bags left, how many he could have given away or sold.