Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Movie Review: Blades of Glory

While not part of my previous post, another entertaining activity partaken in this weekend was the consumption of Will Ferrell's latest movie, Blades of Glory. Now in it's third week of release, the show still pulled in a respectable 14.1 million dollars, $10 of which originated at the 12:25pm showing Thursday afternoon in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. The popularity of the movie is losing some steam as a result of its exposure and proven by an otherwise empty theater save a round man in a Bucky shirt and an attractive, skinny fellow who consumed more popcorn than that Bucky dude.

The plot consists of two ice skaters Jon Heder and Will Ferrell having completely different styles that leads them to a shared gold medal. Unfortunately, they have to stand on the same small podium sharing the spotlight, resulting in a comical brawl. A committee headed by Boy Meets World's Mr. Feeney kicks them out of the sport leading us all to long for an update on Cory and Topanga.

Both Heder and Ferrell's lives fall apart away from the world of professional ice skating. Only one man has the skills and drive to bring them back from their depression: Coach! That's right, Hayden Fox exploits a rulebook loophole that permits Heder and Ferrell back into the world of ice skating. The former enemies must overcome hate and division, not quite on the Jackie Robinson 60 years ago level, to come together and skate pairs. The male/male pairing leads to slew of homosexual innuendo that JR did not find funny, probably because he was sitting next to another man in an empty movie theater.

All goes well until the incumbent ice skating pair champions, the evil Van Waldenberg brother sister duo, plot to take down Heder and Ferrell. Somehow Pam from The Office, ever pleasant and delightful, is related to these hostile skaters and provides the love triangle tension that was bound to arise at some point in the film. She seems to have no lingering feelings for Jim (or Roy for that matter) as seen by her aggressive dating techniques including but not limited to snow cones and lingerie.

In all, the film is about what you would expect from the Will Ferrell genre. It probably will get snubbed come Oscar nominations but will establish fun one liners such as "Stranger Danger!" and "What the hell?" that are more funny when drunk.

I give it 3 wolf howls out of 5.

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