Monday, April 23, 2007

If only the public could read and follow directions

Yesterday, I conducted an experiment afternoon on the way home. On my commute home, there is a section of the highway that merges together forcing the speeding a'holes in the right lane to jam their way into the remaining left lane. Every day it causes a tremendous back up because the right laners zoom ahead and jump in front of the left laners. It is aggravating.

And so, I decided that from the very moment break lights hit a solid mile and a half from where the source of the problem was, I would create ample room to let as many people into my left lane as possible. It was up to six car lengths at one point, which is more than generous for any one truly interested in abiding by the approximately 4,000 signs over a two mile span that scream "THE RIGHT LANE IS ENDING MORON SO GET OVER."

I figured I would catch some people who thought they would be able to get over later or perhaps some out of towners who despite the ample notification were unaware that they should merge in advance. The experiment was to conclude at the end of the stretch. Once the gap was closed it was closed for good, and no one was allowed in.

This stipulation was due to my generosity having limits. With my recent schedule consisting of 15.5 hour open-to-close shift Sunday, 5 hours of sleep, then followed up with a 10 hour shift beginning at 6:45am Monday morning, I was admittedly ornery. Combined with the fact that my commute home began late because an interview was late did not help. For, I have a 60mph commute if I leave at 4pm, with the miles per hour dropping by 1 every minute after 4pm. Having had to leave at 4:45pm, a full 45 minutes after I wanted, I was destined for a 15mph drive home. Thus, I was feeling, shall we say, chipper.

As the mile and a half wound to a close, I had had exactly 0 cars take advantage of the space allowed. I can't say I was stunned, but I did expect to catch a few people. As we approached the ending of the right lane, I closed the generous gap. The green mini van who was in the right lane wanted over, but it wasn't going to happen. The lady was either going to hit me or drive off the highway. I honestly would have been ok with either, all the while hoping for the latter. But there was no room, and she had to come to a stop. Yes, that little stop that those a'hole right laners had caused us sign-abiding left laners to endure for the previous mile and a half was now rippling back and aggravating those that should take public transportation.

Best of all, the car behind me wouldn't allow Mrs. Mini Van over either. We created a beautiful seal off. Truly it was a small victory but a victory nonetheless.

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