Thursday, April 12, 2007

Does this really happen over change? Yes. Yes, it does.

Outside of the service clerk speaking with the news when he really shouldn't be (and if he does "pissed" really isn't good terminology), I found this newstory interesting. Not sure where or when it happened, but I think it provides a small snopsysis of what I do for a living.

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Edwin said...

I think both you and I know that the manager in the video is soon to be terminated, or at least severly disciplined because he failed a number of Walgreens policies- most importantly speaking directly to the media. Walgreens has a well compensated staff to speak to the media, and doesn't want their working class to do so. Case in point, this guy. "Pissed." Well done jackass. In addition, there's an 80% chance that store should have been locked up at 10p. Also, you're not supposed to let customers light merchandise on fire.