Monday, April 9, 2007

These guys make more than I do

Every year, I enjoy reviewing the salaries for Major League Baseball players because it reveals some grossly overpaid and underpaid people. It's amazing how the diverse payrolls can yield such wildly different results on the field. Below are the highest paid players on their teams and the player I consider the best bargain comparatively speaking.

Arizona Diamondbacks:
Randy Johnson (9.1 mil) versus Brandon Webb (4.5 mil)

Atlanta Braves:
Mike Hampton (14.5 mil) versus Brian McCann (440 k)

Baltimore Orioles:
Migel Tejada (13.8 mil) versus Chris Ray (420 k)

Boston Red Sox:
Manny Ramirez (17 mil) verus Jonathan Papelbon (425 k)

Chicago Cubs:
Derek Lee (13.2 mil) versus Rich Hill (400 k)

Chicago White Sox:
Jim Thome (14.8 mil) versus Bobby Jenks (400 k)

Cincinnati Reds:
Adam Dunn (10.5 mil) versus Brandon Phillips (408 k)

Cleveland Indians:
C.C. Sabathia (8.7 mil) versus Grady Sizemore (916 k)

Colorado Rockies:
Todd Helton (16.6 mil) versus Matt Holliday (4.4 mil)

Detroit Tigers:
Magglio Ordonez (13.2 mil) versus Joel Zumaya (410 k)

Florida Marlins:
Miguel Cabrera (7.4 mil) versus Mike Jacobs/Josh Willingham (380 k)

Houston Astros:
Lance Berkman (14.5 mil) versus Morgan Ensberg (4.5 mil)

Kansas City Royals:
Mike Sweeney (11 mil) versus Luke Hudson (422 k)

LA Angels:
Bartolo Colon (16 mil) versus Ervin Santana (425 k)

LA Dodgers:
Jason Schmidt (15.7 mil) versus Takashi Saito (1 mil)

Milwaukee Brewers:
Ben Sheets (11.1 mil) versus Prince Fielder (415 k)

Minnesota Twins:
Johan Santana (13 mil) versus Boof Bonser (398 k)

NY Mets:
Carlos Delgado (14.5 mil) versus John Maine (391 k)

NY Yankees:
Jason Giambi (23.4 mil) versus Chien-Ming Wang (489 k)

Oakland A's:
Jason Kendall (12.8 mil) versus Nick Swisher (400 k)

Philadelphia Phillies:
Pat Burrell (13.2 mil) versus Cole Hamels (400 k)

Pittsburgh Pirates:
Jack Wilson (5.4 mil) versus Ian Snell (408 k)

St. Louis Cardinals:
Albert Pujols (12.9 mil) versus Adam Wainwright (410 k)

San Diego Padres:
Greg Maddux (10 mil) versus Jake Peavy (4.7 mil)

San Francisco Giants:
Barry Bonds (15.5 mil) versus Matt Cain (650 k)

Seattle Mariners:
Richie Sexson (15.5 mil) versus Felix Hernandez (420 k)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays:
Carl Crawford (4.1 mil) versus B.J. Upton (386 k)

Texas Rangers:
Kevin Millwood (9.8 mil) versus Brandon McCarthy (396 k)

Toronto Blue Jays:
AJ Burnett (13.2 mil) versus Lyle Overbay (1.3 mil)

Washington Nationals:
Nick Johnson (5.5 mil) versus Ryan Zimmerman (400 k)

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CHCgirl said...

This was a REALLY interesting post. I think actually it would have been a better comparision to compare the "best value" vs. the "worst value" Some of the people that are makiing the most money I wouldn't necessarily say are the most overpaid member of the team (D. Lee of the Cubs comes to mind immediately). But VERY interesting and enjoyable read.