Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Greatest Day in Sports

The happy times of sports are upon us. I spent a good part of my Monday off watching baseball, and it was refreshing to get back to America's pasttime. Some thoughts on day 1 of 162.

-I did happen to see the mayor of Cincinnati throw out the first pitch live to celebrity catcher (and member of the 1990 World Series Champion Reds) Eric Davis. Eric, who by the way looks to be in great shape and could have taken the field, would have been better off staying in his seat as the mayor missed the plate by, and this is no exaggeration, 30 feet. See above. I nearly spit out the special Opening Day chocolate milk I made for myself in a delicious laugh at the poor mayor's expense. It was the worst first pitch in the history of first pitches and truly embarassing for a grown man. He will not win reelection.

-Cubs fans better hope that Alfonso Soriano improves from his first plate appearance. He swung at the first pitch and missed (good lead off hitter). Then he swung and missed again. And finally he hit a dribbler to the pitcher. Not a lot of bang for the buck in at bat number one.

-Matt Murton has a gun out there in left. Woo-wee. I lost count after the eighth hop on a throw somewhat to third base somewhat to home plate.

-So Adam Dunn can hit a ball very far. It looks as if we have another typical Dunn year on our hands: 45 homers with a .200 batting average.

-Gil Meche outpitched Curt Schilling. That makes me smile.

-Also making me smile: Grady Sizemore taking Jose Contreras' second pitch of the season and driving it over the fence.

-Cleveland Indians 12. Chicago White Sox 5. The Indians are in first place in the AL Central and will now likely go wire to wire.

-Fantastic outing from Ben Sheets. Milwaukee fans have to be ecstatic. Now put him back in the bubble and only let him out in four days.

-After everything that has happened, I find it amazing that Carl Pavano, even under the injury filled circumstances that led to it, started Opening Day for the New York Yankees. And he performed just as you would imagine Carl Pavano would.

-Darin Erstad leads the American League in home runs. Didn't think you'd ever see those words put together now did you?

-As for that little college basketball game last evening, I don't know of any game where I've seen a team make more big shots than did Florida. They did not miss and every semblance of a Buckeye comeback quickly was squashed by yet another three point make. Noah may be an ass, but he backed it up and for that I give kudos. Whatever kudos actually are. He can have them.

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