Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bad luck for this Irish man

I'm currently heading out to a wedding and won't be back all day. Miami just avoided Brady Quinn like I avoid a CVS and the immediate talk is that Quinn is now destined to sink way far deep.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I sent an e-mail to a friend that outlined my preference for how I wanted them to spend the #3 overall pick.

1.) Jamarcus Russel - Off the board as the obvious #1
2.) Adrian Peterson - I'm not crazy about Jamal Lewis, but I understand why they didn't go running back
3.) Everyone else - OT Joe Thomas falls into this category
4.) Brady Quinn.

I got my wish, and apparently there were a lot more people with that type of draft order than I thought. Here's a silly thought. What if Quinn does indeed slide past the bulk of these midway first rounders since they all have a franchise quarterback? The Browns have the third pick in the second round and could package that and a little something else and still get Quinn. Wouldn't that be a coup?

Well, off to the wedding. Maybe Quinn will be drafted by the time I get home.


lonewolf said...

OMG. It happened.

CHCgirl said...

Does this improve your thoughts on him? Or the ability of the organization to draft?

lonewolf said...

I'm struck by three major thoughts.

1.) Holy crap. What I said would be cool to happen actually did. That's stunning to me that I predicted it.

2.) This is a remarkable bit of drafting which was helped along by Miami, but still, Cleveland did something aggressive. Cleveland drafted two of the top four players in this year's pool. That's insane regardless of how it played out. Coming from an organization that has bungled draft after draft (and it says something that 40% of ESPN's "who is your worst #1 overall pick" choices were former Cleveland selections), that they did something worthwhile.

3.) I'm still not crazy about Brady Quinn. However, #22 Brady Quinn is entirely different than #3 Brady Quinn. I do like him more now, especially since no one thinks Charlie Frye is going to win anything in the long run. Plus, Brady is hot.

CHCgirl said...
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JR said...

My favorite part about Brady Quinn is that blonde friend of his.

JR said...

Who, I forgot to point out, has almost certainly left Quinn for a top five pick.

Eli said...

Quinn is going to be a lot better than JaMarcus Russell. You should be thrilled.