Monday, March 19, 2007

Hey Dude, let's go steal us some gators and stuff

Daily, I fight off the evils of stealing. An empty package of condoms here an empty box of theater candy there. It's not uncommon and some day these people's hands will be cut off for their treacherous acts. While these petty thefts are common, I have to believe that animal stealing is far less common.

Ends up a daring person(s) decided to thieve over 50 reptiles including a crocodile from a memorial education center honoring Steve Irwin.

"These animals were used to educate children and to keep Steve Irwin's legacy alive. I feel sick over this," the center's proprietor Darren Tilley told Reuters. "We don't know how they transported all these animals. I'm very concerned, these reptiles need special care, lighting and food."

How exactly does one move a crocodile? It wouldn't fit in the back seat of my Saturn, which means it's probably impossible to pull off. Much more likely someone tried to steal the croc, the animal woke up, and the croc ate him. Someday someone will find a crocodile with a corpse clutching some condoms and Mike and Ikes.


CHCgirl said...

Luckily Walgreens employs those highly effective anti-theft stickers particularly on those condoms... Those stickers should make your job easier ;-)

dani said...

I'm baffled at how to steal a crocodile and then sell it on the black market.