Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A picture from a way tall roof top

Joseph Melanson has created a little business for himself by taking aerial photographs of sporting venues. While he clearly lives in the Northeast, he managed to make it to the midwest for this shot of what many of you dear readers are salivating over. Yes, it's Wrigley Field awaiting your 2007 Chicago Cubs.

I don't understand why Melanson couldn't stop over the Indians' ballpark on his way back to Boston, which is too bad since aerial photos of Jacobs Field will be in high demand after Cleveland wins the World Series this year.


JR said...

They would have been a big deal in 1994 after Cleveland had won that World Series as well.

lonewolf said...

The Indians were the best team in the universe when the damn strike hit. If only we could go out and sign Lofton, Belle, and Baerga again. Oh, and where's Nagy?

CHCgirl said...

This picture made me smile.