Friday, March 30, 2007

This post will make you laugh, cry, and barf

I will gladly tell anyone who will listen about my radio glory days. In said days, a favorite segment involved rock news in which the stupidity of rock musicians was readily pointed out and laughed about. While I no longer have the same passion for rock n' roll and certainly have retired from the world of radio, rock stars still provide for some wonderful entertainment. Some days, such as today, they provide multiple moments worth mentioning.

For starters, U2's Bono received "honorary knighthood" in his Irish homeland. The British Ambassador to Ireland (so famous he's unnamed in the article) performed the knighting. Bono was happy for the honor saying that it will assist him "getting through a few doors" in his making the world a better place in every possible way crusade.

Bono is the most recognizable musician in the world today, and I have no idea how this knighthood could help in receive any further notice than he would already have. Can you imagine someone refusing to see Bono before but now because he has been knighted by some unknown ambassador (Lord John Marbury of West Wing fame perhaps?) but now will? This strikes me as the equivalent of me receiving an honorary degree in counting change from Wishing Well Pre-school where it does nothing to further anything except a little ego.

The next story is really an on-going one. Scott Weiland lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots (oh, there will be a reunion) and Velvet Revolver has provided endless inane quotes and stupid actions in his quest to give rock stars a bad name. This time, though, it was his wife making news as she decided to trash a hotel room, set fire to Weiland's clothing, and beat up Scotty. Her explanation for this performance?
"The weekend's difficulties were brought on by a reaction to an imbalance in [my] medications. Scott was simply trying to help calm me down."

Anyone married to Scott Weiland would have to be heavily medicated, so in my book she gets a pass there. I just don't see Scott calming anyone down.

And finally in what is a popular move these days, we have a musician touting an upcoming album as the greatest thing in the history of the universe. Fall Out Boy in particular is notorious for absurd comments on their own greatness, but this time we have Quinn Allman of The Used. Lies for the Liars hits stores May 22nd, and Allman wants everyone to rush out and buy it for the life altering emotional swings that it will no doubt invoke.

"I think if you're gonna get the record, you've gotta open yourself up to it . . . and if you do, you're gonna have every emotion flying at you. My ideal reaction is [for fans] to laugh and cry and barf."

Oddly enough, that's exactly what I hope every post of mine does for you.

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Jan said...

I'll go for the laugh, maybe the cry, but will pass on the barf.