Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How familiar are you with triple platinum albums?

Much like JR wrote on his blog last week, I struggle with how much I should really be writing about American Idol. It's awfully dweebish and as Simon would say "self-indulgent," but alas I find it compelling. And as a significant number of you view the program, I figure I'll keep working it in. That and I don't want to talk about Oral Roberts and that ever growing and terribly distressing situation anymore.

In lieu of a rocker in this year's bunch of dudes, I take solace in knowing that at least some of the contestants enjoy rock music. Last night, I was pleased to find Pearl Jam and 311 among the bands honored with covers. Sundance Head performed an underwhelming "Jeremy," but it's the thought that counts, right? I also would like to say that I've never known anyone to have three nouns in their first and last name. Sun, dance, and head just seems like a mouth full. Really, two parts of speech would strike me as sufficient, and a little variety from a past tense verb in there wouldn't hurt either (ie Drew Wolf).

Blake Lewis performed 311's "All Mixed Up" to kick off the show. It also happened to be my favorite, especially using his unique tactics to cover up swears in the lyrics. Very clever and better editing than I could have done using Cool Edit.

I'm not sure how I feel, however, with the entire panel of judges being unfamiliar with the track. Sure, the album is over a decade old, but it still went triple platinum. I expect my music insiders to be somewhat familiar with successful discs, and if they weren't, shouldn't they use some of the 6 days in between shows to put forth the effort to learn? It's not as if Blake Lewis surprised everyone by jumping up there the night of the show unveiling what his music selection was for the first time. Though, I suppose I should be happy Paula just managed to get dressed for the program.


JR said...

I thought the 311 joint was average at best, and the judges' praise reflects how mediocre the guys are this year. I like the beatboxing, but I am ravenously curious how he'll work that in once themes become part of the game.

Sundance undid a great deal of what Pearl Jam accomplished in its career following his horrible effort on "Jeremy." I love the rock songs more than anyone, but my disappointment is magnified when they suck.

When does Chris Daughtry come back to sing a Fuel song?

Eli said...

My favorite part of the show was Sanjaya saying we might be surprised he can hula dance like a woman.

No, Sanjaya. That didn't surprise me a bit.

Edwin said...

My favorite part of the show is how I don't watch it.

Eli said...

Damn. That was clever.