Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Glorious Day

(Note: Please listen to Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" while reading this post for full dramatic effect. Click here to get at a sample should it not be on the top of your ITunes playlist as it is mine.)

Today is a big day. Today I relieve myself of a big burden. Today I can smile when looking at my car. Today it became mine.

At the crack of dawn (the thingy-jigger), I leaped out of bed with tremendous excitement. Unshaven and unbathed, I grabbed the envelope sitting on the stairs raced out the front door. Stumbling over the last remaining pile of snow, I sprinted to the mailbox. I jammed the envelope in and went about running in a circle in the middle of the road with fists raised in a pose reminiscent of Rocky Balboa. It was then I realized the cool air and wished I had pants on.

Ok, so while some of that may not have happened, I did send an important piece of mail on its way to Georgia. My final car payment on a smiling Winnie the Pooh check will soon be deposited starting a series of events over at Car Max that should put a title to my 2001 Saturn into my possession very soon.

I am quite proud of this fiscal achievement as it is the most expensive anything I have ever bought and paid off 100% on my own. Sure there was that bottle of water and oh, the new Finger 11 CD, which taxed my patience and pocketbook, but the car slightly outweighs them in importance and cost.

But most of all, I don't have to pay any further dough for that piece of crap in my garage. I had another 3,000 mile oil check yesterday that instead of costing me $20.00, it hurt me for $200.00. Every freaking time regular maintenance is performed on the hunk of junk, there's a new leak/broken fan belt/dead rabbit that needs fixing. It is most gratifying then, that I do not have to double pay to have a car. Instead of a monthly check to Car Max Auto Finance and one to Goodyear, I can scratch off the former and allow the latter to bleed me dry.

It is with this in mind that I would like to edit my post from two days ago having to do with wise fiscal decisions. I care to add #11. Buy not thee shitty Saturn.


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What do great cars and a Byung-Hyun Kim frisbee pitch have in common?

They're both Korean.

Jan said...

Good for you!