Thursday, March 29, 2007

Awful flashbacks

As Becky so appropriately pointed out, Karl Rove is doing his best Mel Piehl impersonation. For those there, the "Lose Yourself" rap from the 2003 Christmas Symposium was a saddening emotional void. I would like to personally apologize for my part in that incident. I maintain that the hours spent editing the piece was the best I could do with what was thrown at me. Really. Ugh. Utter, unspeakable disaster.

The first two minutes are not funny. The next two minutes bring back awful flashbacks, minus the ghetto get-up and JR provided bling.

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CHCgirl said...

While I don't despise Karl Rove as much as most (but that's only because he's REALLY despised) I have to say this was great. I have no idea where you find these things. And it did remind me of that awkwardly awful Christmas Symposium. Thank you for this.