Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You know you want an upside down, rainy kiss with Spiderman

Below are the top ten films from this past weekend and their respective earnings.

1. Disturbia $9.1 million.
2. The Invisible $7.6 million.
3. Next $7.2 million.
4. Fracture $7.1 million.
5. Blades of Glory $5.2 million.
6. Meet the Robinsons $4.84 million.
7. Hot Fuzz $4.8 million.
8. Vacancy $4.2 million.
9. The Condemned $4 million.
10. Are We Done Yet? $3.4 million

This weekend a certain fellow in red and blue (and black) makes his return to the local 42-plex movie theater. Just by comparison this arachnoid fella brought in more money in his opening weekend in 2004 than did all of these movies. Times 3. Plus 8 million.

So do your American duty and go out and see the film so that no one involved in the making of this film goes hungry.


Eli said...

I love that the last movie listed among those ten mostly terrible films is "Are We Done Yet?"

No kidding.

lonewolf said...

Personally, I like that Stone Cold Steve Austin comes in at #9.

Becky said...

Or you could fulfill your duty even better by paying $15 a ticket to see it in an IMAX. Lucky Drew's wallet that I feel particularly strong about my American Duty...

JR said...

Hehe. Dooty.

CHCgirl said...

I haven't seen a movie in the theaters since The Holiday. How about I perform my American duty and spend that same $15 buying like one gallon of gas? I will make sure no oil executive goes hungry... Does that count?