Wednesday, May 30, 2007

By far the coolest thing to ever happen to me at Walgreens

Yesterday morning, I was having a substandard morning. My photo clerk awoke when I called her at 8:30 to ask her why she was already a half hour late. My intern had the day off, which meant I was flying solo. Some guy who took photos in a poorly lit room was convinced that our machine was the reason his photo came out dark. And so on and so forth. Really, no different from any other day.

Then I hear a page over the intercom, "Manager to the toothbrushes with the key."

I've heard it dozens of times before and strolled to the back wall of the store to unlock our case of various electronic toothbrushes that range from $69.99 - $149.99. As I fidgeted with my keys to find the right one, I looked up to see which of our ample 90+ clientele needed assistance. But there was no elderly customer. There was Johan Santana.

Now, I had been told that he visited our store from time to time as he does not live far from my Walgreens. But, I had never seen him in there, instead my cashier (Manny, the best cashier I've ever worked with who oddly makes it a point to find out if everyone speaks Spanish, which Santana does) tells me that his wife and kids are in at least once a week. So the whole time I'm unlocking the case, I'm debating whether or not this is him. I quickly recall the Twins' schedule trying to figure out if it makes sense whether or not it could be him. Sure enough, my baseball mind recalls he allowed 4ERs and got the win the day before in the Metrodome versus the White Sox and that Minnesota plays a night cap tonight. It's most likely him.

After Johan selects an Oral-B model, he thanks me and heads to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription of sorts. Being the suave guy that I am, I run to the back and try to peer out the window to further confirm my beliefs. After, he is done, I grab the pharmacy intern who rang him up and asked him for sure.

Definitely Johan Santana. Damn right, the best pitcher in baseball shops my Walgreens.

Photo from BaseballEvolution


CHCgirl said...

That is just plain cool. And yay for you for being so cool about it... I definitely don't think I would be. That's seriously exciting!

Eli said...

I would have injured him so as to sabotage Ed Schillinger's fantasy team.

So, Walgreen's manager, if you had to injure Johan Santana for the benefit of the VUFSA, using items only readily available at your store, what would you use?

lonewolf said...

I have no such qualms about harming him so as to benefit my fantasy baseball squad. I have already rigged together some shaking shelving where the toothbrush refills are located, not to mention the slippery floor (devious of me to go without the "caution wet floor sign"), and then the Depends falling off a nearby cart further catapalting him into the always dangerous eye drops section.

You know, on second thought, that's going to be a lot of work to clean up and probably won't do it now.

JR said...


This is cooler than when I saw Ben Sheets was shopping at my local pick and save and I pretended to peruse the soups in his aisle, even though I had no intention of purchasing. I was just trying to build up the courage to say something to him, or that he would recognize me from working at MP. Instead, I said "hey," and that was that.


Ruggles said...

I almost felt bad to be stalking Drew Wolf's blog after I found the Mid-Con Tourney post. But now, after reading the Johan Santana story, I'm very glad I kept reading. Awesome.