Thursday, May 3, 2007

Now you too can eat like a billionaire

In between the USA Today and nineteen credit card applications, Becky and I recently received a Sharper Image catalog in the mail. The June 2007 edition featured every one's favorite billionaire, Donald Trump pointing to a feast of food that would no doubt feed every single person that reads this blog and then some.

Ends up the Donald is launching his own line of meat. Yes, the real estate mogul made the next logical jump to cows. Apparently the Sharper Image has the honor and privilege of the exclusive introduction to Trump Steaks.

The Sharper Image has gone all out and even given this massive event it's own webpage, featuring various meat packages and yes, a special message from Trump himself. For those who opt not to listen to the 60 commercial, the Donald in his typically exuberant fashion offers these original lines:

"When it comes to great steaks, I've just raised the stakes!"

"They are the best tasting most flavorful steaks you've ever had. Truly in a league of their own!"

"The best of the best!"

"One bite and you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about!"

Now if I have one bad fiscal habit, it's that I enjoy a good meal. As such, I indulged Trump and the Sharper Image by turning the page in the catalogue that led to the various packages for purchase. They ranged from $199-$999. Holy crap.

Scared off by the price, I soon turned the page and began thinking of ways I could sink the "unsinkable pool float" ($149.95) and what in the world would I do with an Alochawk, a professional-grade alcohol breath screener ($119.95).

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d said...

breathalizers are fun. haha.