Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lucky Lotto Part II

So ESPN ran a story and a picture (above) on their main page for the better part of the entire day yesterday. Absolutely brutal. What an awful, telling photo of what Danny Ainge has done to that franchise. Nothing like the enthusiasm and hope of the offseason! I wonder how Joakim Noah is going to feel with these two men faking smiles on draft day all while thinking, "You aren't Greg Oden." And then to have ESPN focus on the fact that Boston didn't get the pick with a complete Bill Simmons opinion piece. If the masses read ESPN, as many know that Boston didn't get the first overall selection as did those who know Portland did win it. ESPN delights in your misery.

In other news, my favorite local sportscaster, Randy Shaver, offered this scathing news report (mostly word-for-word).

"The Timberwolves signed coach Randy Wittman to a contract extension earlier this afternoon. This despite the fact the Wolves played poorly under Wittman, and despite the fact the team went 12-30 after taking over for Dwayne Casey and despite the fact the team missed the playoffs for yet another season."

That's just awesome. What a 6 o'clock sportscast.

Photo: ESPN

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CHCgirl said...

I like that you saddle Noah with the Celtics. I think he deserves it. It made me smile.