Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A new host!

The Price is Right's search for a new host is over! Huzzah!

There's something gratifying knowing that even though it wasn't yours truly, the producers were thinking of me in signing a Cleveland Indians fan named Drew.

As for how I feel about it, I'm fine with it. I do not envy anyone who has to follow in the legend's footsteps as the comparisons will be overwhelming and distracting. I hope that the new host isn't bogged down in the "Barker did it this way" debates. But most of all, I am relieved that the show avoided the worst contender as I would have had a hard time watching the show if she was in charge of it.Publish Post


Jan said...

If it wasn't you, it had to be a Drew!

d said...

i hate drew carey. was very disappointed at this decison.