Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Vroom vroom goes the Saturn

We have crap-mobile results! Very exciting!

Wiper Blades: $29.90
Engine Coolant Temp Sensor: $12.71
Intake Mainfold Gasket: $42.85
Coolant Temp Sensor Connector: $18.38
Coolant: $19.90

Brakes Clean and Adjust: $37.99
Engine Coolant Temp Sensor: $87.03
Intake Manifold Gasket: $406.14
Engine Performance Diagnostics: $95.00
Replace ECT Connector: $29.01
Hazardous Materials: $3.00

Grand Total: $815.77

JR, c'mon down!

Now, the good news is that I did not pay $815.77, but the bad news is that none of those repairs actually solved the crank turning when the breaks are applied, which probably would have pushed things over $1,000. A nice little warranty paid for $633.03 of the damages, but it still stung to go in for an oil change and come away paying triple digits. That and I'm fairly certain that they made up this "intake manifold gasket" thingy, and then they lazily threw together some concoction called an "ECT connector."

Photo from Maxim Auto Sales who is trying to pawn off the car in the picture to an unsuspecting yokel


Jan said...

Not to be picky but I was closest to the actual price YOU paid. Thank you very much.

lonewolf said...

Unfortunately, your bid of $250.50 was greater than the $182.74 I did actually pay. I clearly stated that we were playing by Price Is Right rules, which thereby disqualifies you by going over the actual retail price.

Mom, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't know the Price Is Right rules. There's only one more week of new Bob Barker PIR's before it's all over. You should take some time and catch up with Bob and Plinko.

CHCgirl said...

That's really awful... the overall bill. It's right up there with my car owner's worst nightmare. Thank god for warranties though. And damn, if I had gone with $1 I could make a case for actual paid amount but I figured there was no way a car place would let a car that was making suspicious sounds leave for less than a couple hundred dollar bill even if there was nothing wrong.