Monday, June 11, 2007


In a time when Gary Sheffield makes racist allegations against Major League Baseball, African-American David Price of Vanderbilt is the first overall selection in the amateur draft.

Far more odd, David Price believes that David Justice is "the greatest baseball player of all time."

Steve Kerr, the Phoenix Suns brand new General Manager's first order of business? Answer: "I'm going to shop (Steve) Nash immediately."

2004 American League Rookie of the Year, Angel Berroa, is in the minor leagues.

Springfield, Minnesota went out of their way to say that The Simpsons don't live there.

50,000 pounds of peanuts can save a television show.

T.R. Knight is back next season on Grey's Anatomy, but Isiah Washington is not.

In a time where the Iraq War is going to determine the next President of the United State, cable news coverage shifted from the removal of Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to break the Paris Hilton is going back to jail story.

The London 2012 Olympic logo.

I suddenly have an urge to get connected and see what's happening in the city of Dallas. My sister is the reason why.

G-8 Protesters.

Since 1982, Eddie Murphy is the undisputed king of the summer box office starring in movies (Shreks/Beverly Hills Cop/Coming to America) that have grossed 2.89 billion inflation adjusted dollars, defeating Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible/War of the Worlds) and Tom Hanks (everything).

The Cleveland Indians have turned to Valpo for prospects.

The bright colors contained in those bouncy balls captivated more or your attention than anything else in this post.

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