Wednesday, March 12, 2008

With .90 degree of certainty, calculate the probability that x is within two standard deviations of the mean

Hello. Remember me?

After six weeks, I have returned. Why the long wait for fresh new Wolfden V material? Simply, you can blame MBA 510 - Managerial Decision Making. As good and arrogant as I am about writing circles around my fellow classmates, calculating statistical answers to in-depth questions quickly levels the playing field. Alas, I persevered and can answer any z-table, t-table, f-table, chi-square, or linear regression questions you may have. I won't guarantee that I will answer them correctly, but I guarantee to answer them. I'm such a math nerd now, that the colorful diagram above of the normal distribution makes sense to me.

The absence from the site caused me to miss out on wonderful topics such as Milwaukee trips, Oral Roberts successes, primary fun, wild Walgreens stories, and more cold weather maps. I'm not going to post "I'll write more soon" because I have no idea how this next class will be and would not want to break hearts in the process. However, I am alive and well and I have not forgotten about you.

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CHCgirl said...

I hear/feel your pain. Luckily you didn't have to figure out how to make the distribution look like that graph (log2 transform? inverse rank?) I spent over 90 minutes with a mathematician on Tuesday to "think of ways" to mathematically model this problem and most of the time I alternated between thinking, I'm the stupidest one in the room and where did my life choices go so wrong that this is the state I currently find myself in. Hope things go better next cycle of classes and you find yourself once again writing circles around everyone!