Monday, March 24, 2008

University of Phoenix on MLB

Having been away from my computer all weekend, I missed out on valuable discussion time in my class. Just before my temporary schooling hiatus, I had initiated discussion on whether mergers and monopolies were bad for consumers and companies. I used Major League Baseball as a defense as to why monopolies can be good. While we enjoy baseball, having two competing leagues with watered down products is not something I as a consumer would want, instead preferring to pay a potentially inflated price to view (consume) the only baseball product out there.

A series of interesting posts ensued with members of the class taking both sides of the argument. Most had rational reasoning, some pointed out that the industry was unique and thus a bad example, and another, well, he offered this gem to the conversation. I post the entire response to avoid being accused of taking any of this profound insight out of context.

Baseball is the greatest game ever, my only problem with baseball is the CEO Bud Selig. This guy is a moron who should be fired. With the steroids and the white collar mentality that the majority of owners as well as the CEO is starting to ruin the game. The game needs an owner like Mark Cuban who would turn the game around like he did with the Dallas Mavericks.


Jan said...

And this relates to monopolies and I think you just let employers know that you have an MBA and let it go at that. I'm not sure you want to be linked to other students from the U of P.

CHCgirl said...

Despite the guy's clear insights on monopolies and mergers, I agree with him on Selig.