Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The United States falls in political coup

So just a few days ago, I made a post congratulating the next President of the United States Barack Obama and his second in command Mike Huckabee. So much has changed...

All was well with the good ol' U.S. of A. Times were peaceful, the streets safer, and the harvest plentiful. The country - nay the world - was grateful to the meaningless state of Iowa for properly taking it upon themselves and choosing the leaders of the free world. The campaign commercials subsided and news programs struggled to find stories to fill the time allotted, eventually opting to move toward bears falling out of trees.

But now, a mere five days later, the world is in chaos. Invest in gold and grab your shotguns, we've got an old fashioned political coup. Seems that always feisty state of New Hampshire rejected Iowa (go figure) and decided to elect their own Presidents. Cars are driving into one another in horrific accidents, the fertile fields are flooding, geese are flocking to Cooperstown, and worst of all, no one can sell a home!

These are troubled times, my friends. We've taken the greatest social evolution for granted as no longer can we bank on a peaceful transfer of power. Beware the McCain-Clinton cyborg army and take solace in the one remaining constant in the universe.

Photo from CNN


Stem said...

You'd better hope Champ doesn't read this. He would have to take revenge for you calling his beloved (to put it mildly) home-state meaningless.

JR said...

Wait. Iowa has meaning? I'm so confused.