Monday, January 7, 2008

How many of these are in your home right now?

I saw an interesting piece on the top ten best selling CDs in the SoundScan era (the electronic tracker of sales which began in 1991). The angle of the article I read was that if current sales trends continue, Metallica will top this list in a few years. Take that Shania! Naturally, I was excited being that it is my all-time favorite CD. The others for your amusement:

01. Come On Over - SHANIA TWAIN (15,449,000)
02. Metallica - METALLICA (15,077,000)
03. Jagged Little Pill - ALANIS MORISSETTE (14,557,000)
04. Millennium - BACKSTREET BOYS (12,099,000)
05. Bodyguard Soundtrack - Various (11,798,000)
06. Supernatural - SANTANA (11,643,000)
07. Human Clay - CREED (11,504,000)
08. No Strings Attached - N' SYNC (11,104,000)
09. Beatles 1 - THE BEATLES (11,097,000)
10. Falling Into You - CELINE DION (10,768,000)

For the record, I can claim three of these ten in my personal collection. Backstreet is back alright!

Photo from a non English speaking website.

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CHCgirl said...

I have 4... and probably different than your 3 or maybe 1 overlap....
Thanks for the birthday wishes!