Monday, January 28, 2008

I took a dump today!

It was THIS big!

(Standing ovation)

I never understood of the State of the Union's repeated interruption for unnecessary applause. I also do not understand how people in the House chamber can fall asleep when the most powerful man in the world addresses them. Furthermore, I do not understand a Democratic response that includes "let's get a good night's sleep."

I just don't get politics. It could be that I'm still trying to figure out who the President is after Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and now George W. Bush have all made a play for the position. Where's Tornado Tom when you need him?

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CHCgirl said...

What's interesting, that picture wasn't from last night (as evidence by Hastert in the background) BUT he's wearing the EXACT same tie. You would think addressing the country would be reason to shop. I bought a new outfit for prelims. Reusing a tie seems a bit.... seedy. I hope you didn't watch the speech. Didn't it remind you alittle of the popular kid in high school smirking alittle too much?

lonewolf said...

I did watch the speech, and I kind of wish I didn't. Every year it merely depresses me. A whole lot of nothing is said with vague reverences to "change" and "a better time" (much like campaigning) with silly amounts of applause, disrespectful individuals falling asleep, and an unnecessary "we have to have the last word" minority response. The State of the Union is so much more glorious when Jed Bartlett delivers a Sam Seaborn special.