Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Over

Sadly, it's over. The race that was over before it ever really began.

And this is why I stick to picking fantasy sports superstars rather than presidential candidates.

P.S. With the cancellation of the campaign, I will not be sending out Tornado Tom Tancredo T-shirts as previously promised. Please, try - I beg you try - to go about your lives today.

Photo from Clarkpresents.blogspot


Becky said...

This saddens me as this was the canidate that I was "meant to vote for." However, my #2, Fred Thompson, is still in the race... doing poorly, but still in.

CHCgirl said...

I was just logging on to break the bad news to you. Who was #2? When is Minnesota's primary? Is it after the nomination is decided?

lonewolf said...

I don't remember who #2 was as I was so swept up with emotion when Tornado Tom was my #1. I might start a write-in for Governor Ventura.

Knowing when Minnesota's primary is would require basic political knowledge, which I lack.

CHCgirl said...

Well, Tornado Tom endorsed Romney in his concession, so you always have that to cling to. You can still follow him =)