Wednesday, December 12, 2007

$aturn Update

Last week, I took my much maligned vehicle into the shop for what I completely expected to be another expensive oil change. Stunned, I was in and out in under 30 minutes, and a bill under $25.00. I did not report on this good fortune here at Wolfden V because I knew it was too good to be true. And yes, it was.

Just one week after said oil change, I was whipping around town when the dreaded and incredibly vague "service engine soon" light flickered on. Desperately hoping it would go away, I ignored it for 2 days but alas it still mocked me. Today, on one of those not at all helpful midweek days off I get for working retail, I returned the car to the shop.

My EGR valve was in need of replacement and a Wynn Fuel Induction Power Pack also was required to fix the problem. The Power Pack, in addition to making my car run better, also helps me to fight crime. So that's something.

Grand Total: $588.95.

Tacking this onto the $2o or so bucks of the oil change from last week, and we do have another plus $600 visit to the car shop. $aturn! $aturn! $aturn!

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JR said...

By now, it is abundantly clear that you should have punted and purchased a new car three or four visits to the autobody man ago. I suggest you cut your losses. And purchase a Hyundai.

There is a reason that mainstream America has cultivated a backlash against foreign cars. Because foreign cars are better. Way, way better.

75,000 miles and my only problem was a dead battery, once. I have been forced to replace my tires. I also need gas sometimes.

Also, you should just report on your car and Walgreens adventures. They are the most entertaining aspect of my day. You could call yourself an embedded journalist in the Pharmacy America Trusts.

"America's Retreads: Confessions on the Elderly Drug Store Culture by Drew Wolf"

lonewolf said...

Whoa, wait. Foreign cars need gas?

That I have an incredibly crummy car is no question. However, the decision to keep it has been a fiscal one simply because I have not made a car payment in months. The bill for this "oil change" is really a couple car payments that have stayed in the old checking account. Plus, I have a couple thousand miles on a warranty that covers bits and pieces of the car, such as the $600 price tag the last "oil change."

Lastly, I cannot focus entirely on Walgreens because I would get too negative in a hurry, using the blog as an outlet to vent frustration. As someone who might possibly have a career with the company, I cannot have a "blog rap sheet" holding me back in this regard. Not to worry, though, any new secret society or baseball mega-stars that visit will most certainly be fodder for future content.