Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have decided to cross the line. I watched many blogs come alive only to fizzle out as authors became tired with their creation. I swore never to join this fickle group. And yet here I am.

The pros:
-I love to write
-I love to read others' blogs

The cons:
-The dreaded interest fizzle
-The audience

The audience was the biggest issue as I figure everyone from my mother (hi mom) to my best man (hi JR) will come viewing. Despite mom's diverse interests, a lengthy post on Urule Igbabova's afro will leave her disinterested while at the same time mentioning that Becky and I cooked salmon for dinner will throw JR into Compass Pointe convulsions. I figure, though, topics will work themselves out.


JR said...

Ah yes, the obligatory "here I am" post. May your blog survive its certain trials and tribulations.

adsflsabgr Salmon.

d said...

Don't worry about your audience. That's the fun part of blogs.

Edwin said...

hi drew

lonewolf said...

hi ed

wolfbw said...

Go play Civil War in your warm living room and watch the SuperBowl.