Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Winter Scheduling

The great Cleveland snow storm from a couple years ago that wiped out an entire four game series was a logistics issue, and much debate ensued about what could be done about games at such cold weather locations in April. I don't know that I ever read about anything official being done to avoid the problem, but in glancing at the standings this morning I found that Cleveland has played the fewest home games of any team in the majors (3). Colorado also has played but 3 home games, which given the recent Denver snowstorm seems to have been a prudent scheduling decision. Even still, one has to wonder if this lopsided scheduling alters the fairness of the schedule. I wouldn't blame all of Cleveland's poor start on the road schedule, but it does put them in a hole. On the reverse side, if they had played decently during the stretch, then they would have a big homestand or two during the final weeks of the season. Eh, interesting.

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