Monday, February 2, 2009

The Superest Catch Ever

Immediately at the conclusion of last night's incredible Super Bowl (way better than those Redskins/49ers blow outs when I was a kid), I got into an argument with the Super Bowl party host as to what the greatest catch in Super Bowl history was. He maintained that it was David Tyree's catch that brought down the undefeated Patriots. I countered that that catch won nothing, but that Santonio Holmes' tip toe grab actually was the game winning grab. Thereby it should be deserving of greatest Super Bowl catch ever. Readers, your thoughts?


amy said...

I have to go with Holmes because like you pointed out it was the game winner. If you want spectacular catches that's a different category, and honestly one of Fitzgerald's catches was pretty amazing, but it can't be the "superest catch ever" because they lost.

JR said...

Everyone is forgetting when a plump, acne-ridden middle schooler named JR Radcliffe made a diving catch in the snow, sealing victory for his team just before the recess bell rang in Kaukauna, Wisconsin at Electa Quinney Middle School.

It was some random Tuesday. But it was superest.