Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Brilliant story on CNN this morning about a man wanting some cuddle time with a cute creature. The 20 year old student decided to hop a fence and get a nice, warm hug from a panda bear named Yang Yang.

"Yang Yang was so cute and I just wanted to cuddle him."

What's so wrong with that?

Well, most everything. The unnamed student was treated for bites and was saved after passers-by rushed to a "nearby refreshment stand" for assistance. Which begs the question of how refreshment stand workers deal with panda bears. Perhaps they lured dear Yang Yang away with freshly cooked bamboo?

The zoo isn't quite sure what to do next after this the third panda incident in China in the last few months. Zoo goers have been the catalyst for all the panda misdeeds as each attack has been the result of individuals hopping fences and trespassing in panda territory. The CNN caption to the article is a stern reminder that this is a bad idea:

"Don't be deceived. Pandas might look cute but they're not to be trifled with."

Well said. No trifling should take place near these creatures. Even still, the zoo is likely going to put up additional signage thereby increasing the number of asinine warnings on common sense activities. Will we get to a point where signs will read "Enter, please. Darwin's theory at practice?"

Photo from IndiaTimes

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CHCgirl said...

“Taste good, sequence it; look cute, sequence it.”
This was a quote from the Annual Meeting of Human Genetics by the head of the Beijing Sequencing Institute. Look cute, sequence it was directed to panda bears and that's all I could think about with your blog entry. Just wanted to share.