Monday, September 22, 2008

University of Phoenix revisited

Because I cannot stand to look at that brown and orange dawg - symbolizing demoralized, lackluster football - I struggled to find something else to post about. Leave it to my University of Phoenix classmates to help me out. The writing has generally improved since I last whined about it here on Wolfden V. But, this one was a winner. The assignment was to post an approximately 200 word summary about what the student did/learned for the week. I found no fewer than 5 errors in this just under 60 word horse manure. How many can you find?

"This week we discussed how companies can better serve there customers. What companies can do to keep customer's loyal. We have had some interesting conversations about what customers really want, and want companies are willing to provide. A lot of classmates believe that Classic needs to work on there customer service skills."

Just seven weeks away from me and this scholar having our MBAs.


Edwin said...

I was Scared that I wouldnt of been able to find all of the mistakes. I did however find. That maid me feel much better.

CHCgirl said...

I would have gone with a baseball post over that. Uplifting rather than depressing that that individual will soon have more letters after his/her name.

Liz said...

Speaking of mistakes. In my wedding program:

Edward Schillinger
Heide Schneider (that's her maiden name)
One best man instead of two
One maid of honor instead of two
Kellelyn Scott (instead of Kelle Lyn)
omission of grandparents

I'm UofP material.

JR said...

I don't know why it showed up on Liz's account. But that was JR who posted that last bit.