Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Early season Joe watch

Perhaps you, the astute baseball fan, noticed that Torri Hunter's rally-monkey pleasing walk-off grand slam, propelling the Anaheim Angels to victory was slugged off of the mighty Joe Borowski.

A quick look of the statistics:
19.29 ERA, runs allowed in two of three outings, 4 walks in 2.1 IP, and 2 HRs allowed

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Edwin said...

I'm disappointed with you and your cherrypicked statistics.

I guess we'll just have to ignore the FACT that he's saved more games than he's lost AND he hasn't allowed runs in one of three outings (which you didn't even mention).

Besides, wonderboy Rafael Betancourt actually was in line for the loss until mighty Francisco Rodriguez choked for the Angels. This happens with relievers. Embrace the Borowski. Don't fight it.