Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Breaking news

You'll see this story and pictures all night and all day tomorrow. The Interstate 35-W bridge that crosses the Mississippi River in Minneapolis just collapsed. It looks like the San Francisco earthquake. Cars are in the water, semi are on fire, and the bridge looks to be in about 7 pieces.

(Edit 1: A school bus carrying young children was among the vehicles tossed about.)

(Edit 2: Minneapolis is in the midst of a huge drought. And it just so happens that a thunderstorm is moving in at this critical time.)

(Edit 3: Every emergency responder in the Twin Cities has been called in to help. Estimates, now at about 80 minutes after the incident, have 50-100 cars involved. Newscasts are asking residents to stay off cell phones as Minneapolis' cell phone structure is maxed and emergency personnel need the lines.)

(Edit 4: Not quite two hours into the crisis, CNN is reporting 3 people are dead. Based on the pictures, that number is going to increase significantly.)

(Edit 5: That thunderstorm that hit Blaine back in "edit 2" is now making its way into the disaster zone. Reporters are commenting on thunder and some flashes of lightning.)

(Edit 6: The Minnesota Twins are playing the Kansas City Royals in the Metrodome right now. The game for tomorrow has already been cancelled, but 20 some odd thousand people are going to exit the game with limited information of what's happening. The jumbotron has been passing along updates. Imagine sitting in the Metrodome watching a game, getting updates of this horrific disaster, and trying to figure out what in the world is going on. )